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Dear Friend,

Have you realized that great business ideas were born out of recessions and depressions? Think about it

How about great inventions? Yes they where born out of great human necessities too.


Why is this so?

Because Your mind performs at it's peak when stretched beyond it's comfort zone as a result of circumstances and events

similarly the business I'm about to reveal to you was discovered out of great necessity.


so tell me, what's your necessity?

Do you have a great financial necessity?


Is doubling your income or sourcing for more streams of income in this time of recession a necessity to you?

Tell me,


 Is acquiring basic needs of life a necessity to you or living the best of lives with yourself and family with great financial freedom a necessity to you?

If yes is your answer to any of the above questions then do yourself this singular favor:


pull yourself off every distraction, spare yourself just 4 minutes and read this report carefully to the end


before then, watch this short video to see what I am actually talking about.

Here is  how I actually recover silver easily from easy to source waste




I'm sure you watched the video, and you saw the extracted silver at the end? that's exactly what I am talking about


So to see how you can tap into this business and change the course of your life, go ahead reading this report


My name is Ubong Rex a simple and everyday Nigerian guy with the hope  for better days.

I've served my days in the school of hard knocks looking for headway and just like you I've being battered by the present recession


and it was indeed a bad experience as I lost my only job with a prestigious Bank that paid me just 70k monthly to live the normal, average, everyday Nigeria life.

It all happened a day to the end of my 10 days leave last year February Wednesday, 2016


when I tried to log in to my personal account as a staff of my bank and realized I was denied access. I tried over and over yet no access

My greatest fear was confirmed when I resumed a day later to realize that I was no more a staff of the bank,


I had being relieved of my job with no payoff or benefit-So painful and heartbroken.

With tears stucked in my eyes with a thin bank account, younger ones to cater for and an aged mother, I thought very hard of survival.


After few days I braced up, took my Curriculum Vitae (CV) and started the job hunt all over again,

sharing my CV to everyone I taught could help me out especially in my local church.


This effort of mine was a complete waste of time as more and more people lost their jobs instead of getting employed.

check it out here as reported by Vanguard News Paper of March 22, 2016.


Can you imagine the figure up there? it's crazy and it doesn't seem I actually had a chance.


it's similar to the immigration recruitment scenario? take a look at the photo below;


what a crowd? all seeking for same job opportunity and many dyeing as a result.

Do you really think you have a chance with such level of unemployment?

brace up my friend, you deserve more than this i told myself


Truth Is In Hard Times Like This, Even The Government Can't Help You. Infact They Are Even Looking Up To You For Help.


so what's more?

I decided it was time to end the rat race and seek for other means of income apart from a job.


so for good 5months I searched and found nothing. But a month after, something happened.

I was referred to a guy who wanted to write a business proposal. Since I was good at it, I got the deal.


Well that's not the issue anyway but the fact is that my new client was into this business I'm about to expose to you.

We got talking and I realized for the first time that a business like  this ever existed


and that this guy was seriously peeling every wrap of cash involved in this business.

I paid him a visit someday and saw for myself how this fellow was effortlessly pulling this business through.


I acted uninterested but hey! I was interested and my interest grew every moment he spoke about this business.

But surprisingly, this guy was unwilling to put me through, so every moment I struck the spot, he pulled back.

And I realized he was willing to brag about the business but unwilling to put anyone through the business.

Well the persistent me could not hold it so I struck the spot again some other day,


this was the reply I got: ĎAre you willing to pay N600, 000 to learní?

Yeah you read that right N600, 000, that was a red flag for me.

You see there are folks like that, who are just comfortable the way they are and donít need you or any other party in their affairs.

They are even willing to buy you stuffs rather than put you through their businesses and if you force them hard, they tell you lies.

So I gave up on him and focused on his proposal.

My Journey To This Breakthrough Discovery Started Effective, Immediately


I decided to go on a research on this business and I got the shocker of my life:

For the whole 3 months I researched on this business, No single Nigerian was teaching this business online.

I mean no single Nigerian was on this business, can you imagine that? Well that gave me the clue I needed;

the business wasnít popular and that was cool for me.

Anyway I extended my research and finally I found a Mexican friend who was willing to put me through for 300 dollars.

that was suppose to be another red flag for me as the money wasn't there


So I gave up and decided to try something very fast and smart. I decided to put together free information I got online to see if I can hit this business running.

This decision was the worst I ever took as I ended up financially crippled losing the money I had invested as I tried this process twice.


It was discouraging considering that I even borrowed the money from my Fiancťe


I finally decided to go back to my Mexican friend for training and it took me weeks to raise the said amount.

You see there are secrets in this business than you could imagine


and you need a mentor to unravel these mysteries to you and save you from impending loss. I realised this the hard way.

So what's more?

I paid the 300 dollars and got inculcated into his 3 weeks training and mentorship on this business.

so for good 3 weeks, he cracked the code to this business open to me. And hey!

This was one of the best investments I ever made, a decision I live to be proud of.


take a look at the picture below, that's a picture of payment via cheque I received from one of my buyers for an extracted silver he purchased.


And you too can achieve that or even more in 24-72 hours depending on how you intend running it,

investing even less than I did either full time or part time, the choice is yours.


so what's more?

after registering good successes in this business, I had to inform few of my friends and families


who were in position of my CVs to forget about searching for job for me because I got something better and I thanked them for their concern.


I never knew I just sprang up curiosity with that gesture.

As  a result, many calls came through from them asking me to reveal what I just discovered.


the pressure got so compelling and disturbing that I decided to share same knowledge not just with them,

but also with other few interested friends of mine on  nairaland,


and when I did that, something happened.

These few friends of mine registered their successes too and couldn't help but send me their testimonies with joy

So I decided to share just few of those testimoinies with you:







isn't that amazing? offcourse it is.

And I'm sure you know people don't get to say nice things like that if they were not geared up by the positive results they achieved.


But be warned, you are not going to make 10 million naira in 24hours or feed the nation in 42hours like others will have you believe.

But hey! You can pull in a sweet six figure income, pulling the roof off you as you move along in this business, thatís what Iím talking about.


Now the testimonies and my benevolence in revealing this business triggered some group of individuals

and they invited me to speak on this hidden business opportunity to a group of interested persons


precisely in Ikeja, Lagos this year. It was an amazing day as I exposed this business that can't get saturated to them in a theoretical and practical session,


holding them by the hands and making them jumpstart this business, showing them live how to recover silver and selling for pure cash.

take a look at the seminar pics below


Yeah that was the seminar and it was an amazing day.


So what's more?

after this seminar, the calls never stopped coming as I received more than 50 calls from different locations with invitations to come over  and reveal this business.


it's surprising that even churches are signifying great interest.


Imagine A Call From As Far As Maiduguri In Bornu State, Begging To Be Taught This Business


It's crazy even guys over there are ready to learn.

But you see inasmuch as I make money from this business and I can do very well without revealing this business to you,


offcourse I won't get rich teaching you this business because I am already rich.


However it feels good raising entrepreneurs who can stand on their own especially in this season of recession. Thank me later.

But the bitter truth still remains that even if I am willing to teach, I can't travel the whole nation teaching every dick and harry this business


that's the more reason I created this avenue to get just very few individuals who are willing to seize this opportunity,

pieces it and turn their lives around by joining my  'Exclusive Silver Extraction Money Team'


where all the secrets involved in this business will be exposed to you from scratch to finish,

from the first stage of acquisition of waste to the final stage of selling your extracted silver.


So if this sounds great to you and you can't wait to get started,

then do yourself a big favor by subscribing to this amazing opportunity with your name and best email below.


after that wait a minute and a new page that contains every information on how to kick start this business will open up for you.

after that you are good to go


I am doing this to separate the sheep from the goats, the interested and the non-interested persons and the serious and unserious individuals


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Thank you

Let's meet on the other side.

    Ubong Rex





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